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On the date listed shipping said it was free, then charged my £13 for shipping that isnt free. It also said i would receive delivery of the rolex replica watches with in 5 days, but the rolex replica watches have still not arrived. I have not received any emails from the company or you telling me that any rolex replica has been shipped or the ETA of the rolex replica watches. I have complained to you twice already and again have not received any response apart from from a computer email telling me that someone from the company will contact me within two days, this has not happend. I am now complaining about you also, I want a answer about this problem asap or my money back. It is taking the piss now, if I hear nothing within the next two days I will contact the police and my credit card company. I would be grateful for a a refund of the shipping as on your website it does say it is free and if it is not you should take that down, thanks for your email again but you can understand my concern if the rolex replica are as good as they look on the site I will be ordering again from you. I have just checked tracking information and it says the rolex replica has been delivered, but the rolex replica has not been delivered, as I live in a block of flats and they would have to buzz the buzzer but no one has done so or delivered anything? What do I do now?

I am amazed that in this day and age it is taking four days at least for a reply from your company. I could fly out and buy one rolex replica uk and fly home quicker than you take to reply to emails and all I want to do is place a rolex replica uk order, what is the problem. Its now over ten days since I last heard from you. I sent you the two rolex replica uk order numbers that I require but you have not replied. why. I am sorry but I cannot place a replica rolex order with your company for further replica rolex because you are quite frankly. I know I will have to suffer the damaged rolex replica watches you sent me but I think it is better to lose on one than many. Your company trading policies leave a lot to be desired. I am considering replacing my rolex replica uk since it is obvious its lost now, do you still have my rolex replica uk order details for my previous rolex replica, if you do would you consider offering me a discount for a replacement rolex replica for the inconvenience I suffered due the the previous rolex replica not working. Well the rolex replica arrived today and I have to say I have let you rob me twice now, the strap cannot be adjusted by removing links because some idiot has cross threaded the screws and they cannot be removed.